We can install your blinds.

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We repair the blinds your husband fixed

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We can clean your blinds

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Blind Cleaning By Experienced Professionals!

We Do Blind Cleaning, We Also Specialise in Mobile Blind Cleaning!

We provide a quality onsite blinds cleaning service, with the best results in the business.

There are lots of people who throw out their window blinds when they start to look slightly old or dusty. With a little cleaning they can look like they did on the day you bought them. 

There are lots of houses selling around Australia every weekend.

When you sell a house you need it to look its best. You dont have to great brand new blinds every time. Sometimes its just as good (and much cheaper) to get them cleaned!

The Truth About Blinds

Most blinds need lots of cleaning to keep them looking good. Blinds act as a filter to most rooms. They trap bugs, dust, pollen, pet hair and stains. As a result they can get quite dirty. Our Blind Cleaners minimise inconvenience to our clients. They deliver our service on time and professionally. Also, we manage this by carefully planning our timelines. We have a pool of experience in commercial and domestic cleaning. Our number 1 priority is to get our work finished on time. We work to our client’s availability, expectations and with minimal disruption.

Same Day Mobile Blinds Cleaning

Our blind technicians will remove your blinds and clean them in our blind cleaning van. Then afterward reinstall the blinds looking like new. This blind cleaning service will make sure your blinds are removed for the shortest possible time. We reduce any inconvenience by needing only a short blind cleaning service time. It has never been easier to have your blind cleaning done.

What If Blinds Cleaning Doesn’t work?

Clearview Blinds don’t just clean and repair blinds. We give quotations for new blinds and installation. We offer great prices for all new blinds. So if your blinds are beyond help we can get you new ones!

Our Qualifications

Our Clearview Blinds Technicians are fully trained. We have over twenty years experience in repairing and cleaning blinds. Clearview Blinds are fully insured to carry out all services including cleaning. Clearview Blinds technicians are highly motivated by the positive customer feedback which they received regularly.