We can install your blinds.

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We repair the blinds your husband fixed

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We can clean your blinds

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Local Blind Repair Services

Keep the Sun Out with Professional Blind Repairs!

We Are The Real Estate Industry’s Preferred Supplier!

Clearview Blinds is the best solution for blind repairs Sydney Wide. Here’s why:

  • We can perform Blind Repairs to virtually any type of blinds in your home or office. 
  • Our modern fleet of service vehicles are ready-to-go with most or the parts we may need  . 
  • All blind repairs have our 6 month guarantee 
  • We proudly serve all of Sydney, from homes to rental properties, factories to shops and offices. 
  • We’ll never try to up sell you to new blinds if it is worth repairing the ones you already have. 
  • Lots of our business comes from the real estate industry — agents and property managers trust us!

Blinds are both functional and decorative. They control the lighting in our homes, but they can also make a room look amazing. Blinds often provide a stylish new image.

Your blinds are often the final touch on your home’s decor. But when your blinds break, that look changes drastically. Often they become useless and you’re either stuck in the dark or left to bake in the sun!

That’s why we work fast — and we guarantee our work.

Every Blind, Any Budget.

With years of experience in our trained technicians offer unparalleled services. We are also fully insured.

We can repair most types of blinds including:

We offer highly competitive pricing and you will be very clear about what you’ll pay. We give you the right quote upfront, with no surprises added on later.

Clearview Blinds is a team of professionals who always put the needs of a customer first. Our client testimonials show our commitment to them, without that commitment we would not have the business we have today.