We can install your blinds.

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We repair the blinds your husband fixed

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Blind Installation By Experienced Professionals

Use an Experienced Professional for your Blinds Installation

In New South Wales, as in all states and territories, there is no licence for a blinds installer.

However, you should check that your blinds installer has a good amount of experience installing the specific type of blinds you have chosen. Please ensure they have the right insurances as well. Ensure they are covered for any damage to your property or for personal injury of themselves or others.

The blinds installer should also have a business licence and ABN.

Get an Experienced Blinds Installer not a Handyman!

There are many ‘handymen’ out there calling themselves a ‘blinds installer’. We here about them all of the time as we repair their work.

We may at times joke about ‘repairing the blinds your husband fixed’. But its no joke when someone comes into your house calling themselves a professional blinds installer and does a botched job. We are constantly having to remove the blinds which were installed wrongly to replace them with new ones. 

When a job is botched by one of these unprofessionals it nearly always results in creating an eye sore in someones home. 

Your home is the place you go to retreat and recharge. You cant do that when you have a constant reminder of a job which went wrong.

The Clearview Difference

Clearview blinds will gather the information needed to quote your blinds installation right the first time.

Once you have your quote and approve it we make an appointment to install them. We can also come onsite to see if they need repairing first, you may not need new window blinds installed.

We will make an appointment that works for you. And installing your blinds in a timely manner is important to our technicians as they rarely get time to sit around.

Once we install your new blinds, we will clean up our own mess. We know that nothing is worse than cleaning up after a teenager – or a tradesman for that matter!