Roller Blinds are Simple, Practical and Easy

Roller blinds can be described in two words, simple and practical. They are easy to install and will run maintenance-free for years without ever letting you down. Roller blinds are the workhorses of the blinds market, sturdy in construction and functional. Just because they are simple and practical, it does not mean roller blinds have to be boring. Look through our roller blinds online catalogue or better still call us for a home visit and we will demonstrate the variety of choices available.

Why Choose Roller Blinds?

The biggest attraction factor to roller blinds is that they are very simple. Simple in design, installation and no maintenance is required. The design is timeless and everyone understands it. Its operation is intuitive but there is more to it than that. The options available are vast, making roller blinds flexible in application. Whether you need to cover a window for decorative or practical purposes, there is a roller blind for that.

Roller blinds can achieve the following for you:

  • Create a moody ambience in a room of your choice

  • Add a splash of colour to the bathroom, a lime fabric roller blind will work well with white wall tiles

  • Make your kitchen light and airy by adding a roller blind which can be rolled up out of the way letting the daylight in and revealing the view of your garden

  • Choose sheer fabrics to give you a balance between privacy and natural daylight filtering into the room

Adding A Personal Touch To Roller Blinds

Simple and boring are worlds apart. Own your roller blind and do everything to make sure it brings that extra decorative element you want into your home. There are several customization options you can make to achieve a unique, personal roller blind design. These include:

  • Adding a little bit of braiding

  • Personalised poles, holes and eyelets

  • Ornamental pulls to suit the room

  • Decorative hem shapes which create the sophistication not normally associated with roller blinds

  • Bring a fresh feel to your home by choosing floral fabrics, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms

Gain control over exactly how much light you want in a room by adjusting the level of the blind, and choosing a fabric which performs well at filtering natural light. You can also achieve an intricate look by combining roller blinds with other blind types or curtains. If a simple and clean look is your goal then roller blinds on their own is the way to go.

Choosing Roller Blinds

At Clearview Blinds we offer an impressive selection of roller blinds. You can check out our roller blinds online collection or give us a call for a free home visit. Once there we will show you the different options you have, we will even bring samples for you to try out. You may even realise roller blinds are not what your room needs after all. Are you looking for roller blinds in Sydney, we serve the entire Sydney area from our base in Sutherland Shire and St George. If you need a fast, efficient and reliable blinds service, Clearview is the only choice. Call to book your home visit today.