Roman Blinds Give a Touch of Elegance

When you are looking for a window dressing solution that screams class, adds a touch of elegance and breathes sophistication to a room, then a roman blind will give you all the above. One of the most opted for window blinds type, roman blinds not only look elegant, they are very functional as well.

Why Roman Blinds?

Going for roman blinds as the window covering of choice means you have taste. There isn’t much you can’t get from blinds that curtains will give you. Roman blinds come in a variety of fabric types and designs. Since they are made from cloth with drawcords and stays providing the rigidity, you can get a variety of styles and designs. Roman blinds have the following advantages:

  • They look elegant

  • The blinds are functional, they will block the light when you need them to, and they reveal the views outside when required

  • Add style and colour to any room by choosing the right roman blind type to suit room decor

  • An ideal way of blocking out the heat in summer months

Where Can You Use Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are a popular choice because of their versatility. They come in different colours, styles and even fabric textures. Different styling options mean you can use them in any room of the home to add a touch of colour or texture. The home office needs to feel professional to keep your focus sharp, nothing a single tone soft textured roman blind fabric can’t provide.

In the bedroom, you want it to be warm and cosy, to introduce an element of intimacy. Again, Roman blinds with a heavier texture will present the warmth while you can choose a pattern to match your floor covering. Alternatively, you can choose a colour scheme to complement the walls.

Choosing A Roman Blind

What do you want your blind to achieve? Is it just a decorative feature or you want the functionality too? We make choosing your blinds simple. Tell us the blind you are looking for and arrange a home visit. We will then bring in samples of fabrics providing the different choice of colours, textures, designs, from 100% sunblock to light filtering. You can even have roman blinds matching your lounge suite if you want. We will then take the measurement and then provide your no obligation quote. If you are happy with the quote just give us a call to let us know, we manufacture and deliver. We can also install your roman blinds for you if all you want is beautiful blinds without the hassle.

Our location in Sutherland Shire and St George means you can rely on a fast and efficient service wherever you may be in Sydney.Call Clearview Blinds today and arrange your free home visit.