Venetian Blinds Offer More Variety

Made up of a number of horizontal slats, Venetian blinds can control the amount of light coming into a room because they can be raised, lowered or tilted. Operation is by means of a stick and cord.

Venetian blinds offer so many options for adding colour and style to your home than most homeowners realise. You will be spoilt for choice given the sheer number of remarkable finishes and slat thicknesses to suit different window sizes. Whatever your taste in home decor, you can achieve it with simple and unassuming selections.

Types of Venetian Blinds

Not only is there a wide selection of colour, texture and finishes, Venetian blinds come in different types as well. Each type of Venetian blinds is suited to different window types and sizes. The Venetian blind types include the following:

  • Wooden Venetian blinds
  • PVC blinds
  • Aluminium Venetians

The different construction materials give Venetian blinds their versatility in function and purpose.

Where Do Venetian Blinds Work Best In Your Home?

Due to the different types and construction materials used to make Venetian blinds, there is a suitable blind design and style for nearly every room of your home.

Bathrooms – privacy is the most important concern when choosing a window covering system for the bathroom. Among other concerns is the moisture clearly present and letting in enough natural light. Venetian blinds, especially aluminium and pvc blinds are ideal for bathrooms because they are damp proof and easy to clean.

Kitchens – Curtains in the kitchen don’t really work because they can get greasy and are not easy to clean. Aluminium blinds are ideal in the kitchen because they can be wiped clean easily.

Conservatories – great for enjoying the sunshine in the winter months, blinds help you control the amount of sunlight coming in through the glass. Small slat width Venetian blinds excel at covering the vast amount of glass in conservatories providing better control. They are also easier to keep clean than other types of blinds.

Choosing Venetian Blinds

When shopping for Venetian blinds online it is easy to admire how the blinds look in the images available. However, it’s another thing to have a pretty good idea of how they will look on the windows in your home. The best way is to have samples brought to your home, and this is why we offer this service at Clearview Blinds. No need to worry about getting your measurements right because we will come and do all the hard work for you. When you call to book your free visit please advise us of the samples you would like us to bring. This way you will know exactly which type of blinds, the style and colours you would like for your windows. We will even leave you with a no obligation quote for you to think about.

Clearview Blinds are well placed to serve the Greater Sydney area from our base in Sutherland Shire and St George. Our service is fast and reliable and truly personal. Give us a call to arrange your free home visit today.