Aluminium Venetian Blinds Give variety & Shade

Aluminium Venetian blinds have adorned more homes than any other type of blind because of their ability to be adapted and customised to suit different decor and window sizes. Aluminium venetian blinds take this versatility a step further providing you with a functional and still elegant design option. Aluminium venetian blinds offer significant benefits over the other types of venetian blinds and by the end of this article you will know if this is the right choice of blind for you.

Advantages of Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium blinds excel at blocking interrupting light while providing as much privacy as you require. The slats can be adjusted to allow just enough light during the day to create the mood  you want in your room. Create a bright and airy look in the winter by opening your aluminium venetians fully to maximise the available light. In the heat of the summer months you can easily adjust the slats to eliminate glare and keeping your rooms cooler too. Benefits of aluminium blinds include:

  • Made to measure and can be customised for different window sizes
  • Aluminium can be treated and painted in a variety of colours, this allows you to find just the right shade of colour to match your existing style
  • They are easy to keep clean with regular dusting
  • Ideal for the kitchen and bathroom where condensation is likely to form because aluminium blinds can withstand the moisture with no lasting damage

Buying Aluminium Venetian Blinds Online

Purchasing aluminium venetians online is a little complicated than most people think. Unless you know the technical specifications of the blind you need, as well as the correct dimensions of the windows you need to cover, you may end up buying the wrong size. Also, why should you subject yourself to the hassle of installing them yourself when you can find a professional company do do it all for you?

The Clearview Blinds Promise

You can get in touch about your aluminium venetian blinds online by filling in our contact form. We will then give you a call back to discuss your blinds requirements and schedule a no obligation home visit. During the visit we will show you samples of the various window covering options available from us. Often some of our clients have chosen a different window blind but when we make our home visit and we explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, aluminium blinds often end up being chosen. While in your home we will take all the measurements for the windows requiring covering, give you the various options and provide pricing. We will then leave you to decide on the best solution and will be available to take your order and start manufacture if you decide to choose us.

We are a local business serving the whole of Sydney from our Sutherland Shire and St George headquarters. We aim to provide a speedy, reliable and professional service to all our customers at a competitive price. Give us a call today to arrange your free home measurement service.