PVC Venetian Blinds Are Flexible, cheaper And Clean!

PVC Venetian blinds are the gods of the blinds world. They are practical, functional and will easily take their rightful place in any room. Available in different slat sizes they are adaptable to suit large or small windows. Partial to a simple minimalistic look or would rather have greater control over how much natural light comes in? All this is achievable with pvc venetian blinds. Stylish and popular, this type of blind has a place in every home, why not find a place for it in yours.

What Are The Benefits of PVC Venetian Blinds?

There are different types of blinds available on the market today and PVC blinds are just one of them. You have probably made the choice that blinds are the ideal window covering option for your windows. This article covers a few of the amazing benefits you will enjoy if you choose PVC venetian blinds.

  • Durability – of all window blind types, PVC venetians have the longest life if cared for properly. They are sturdy and strong and can withstand the heat as well as moisture when installed to cover bathrooms or kitchen windows.

  • Price – this is one of the most affordable types of blinds unlike aluminium and wooden blinds which have higher price points.

  • Better control – Allow as much light as you need during the daytime or close your blinds off entirely for privacy. The power to control light is at your fingertips.

  • Easy to install – with a few basic tools you can easily install pvc blinds or you can let Clearview Blinds to it all for you.

  • Lower Maintenance – PVC venetian blinds require very minimal attention when it comes to maintenance. Dusting on a regular basis will prevent dust build-up which is about all the cleaning you will ever need to do.

  • Flexible – Whatever look you would like in your home, PVC blinds are capable of delivering, from minimalist, sophisticated to country.

Choosing PVC Venetian Blinds

Getting your measurements right is the first step in ordering your pvc venetians. The next thing to consider is the colour scheme you would like. Do you want to match or complement existing room decor? PVC blinds are available in a variety of colours and textures, the only limit is your imagination. Next you need to choose slat size. Depending on the size of the window, larger slat thicknesses are ideal for tall and wider windows, while small windows are better served with thin slats such as 25mm.

Big question is? Why go through all this trouble when Clearview Blinds can come to your home, measure up, bring samples and give you a quote for free? Do you really want pvc blinds or you could be swayed to choose something more elegant? Let us come in and help you find the perfect window covering for you.

We are based in Sutherland Shire and St George and offer a quick turnaround on orders, we are fast, reliable and offer true value for money. Whichever part of Sydney you live in, trust we can get there to help you find the blinds your home deserve.