wooden venetian blinds Compliment your furniture

Bring the natural colours of the outdoors into the cusp of your home. With wooden venetian blinds you can be at one with nature, whether in you sitting room or home office. Customisable to suit any existing decor by painting or staining the slats, you can have quick and affordable elegance without the hassle of choosing patterns and colour schemes. You will also enjoy the simple installation process, ease of cleaning and little maintenance required. Get a grip on the amount of light coming in while enjoying the look and feel of nature.

Advantages of wooden venetian blinds

Touted as the “bulletproof” blind, the wooden venetian blinds are known for being sturdy and will last for years. Their ability to maintain their form and condition for extended periods of time lend them as one of the best window dressing choices you can make. You choose the the right colour to suit your home, whether it’s the light softwood tone to match the furniture in the kid’s bedroom or the deep darkwood to match the mahogany bookcases in your library. Below are a few reasons why timber venetian blinds are a favourite of many:

  • They are efficient at reflecting direct sunlight away from entering your home, keeping you cool in the summer

  • When closed the wood acts as an excellent insulator and will help retain heat and keep your family warm during the winter months

  • Wooden venetian blinds are aesthetically pleasing, adding elegance to every room of your home

  • They are adept at filtering out excess daylight and maintaining desired levels of privacy

  • Water resistant when treated and so suitable for bathrooms and kitchens too

Choosing wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden blinds are available in a range of natural timber colours and shades. This means whatever the existing decor in and around your home you will have no problem finding the most natural looking blinds.

Get the look you desire, at Clearview Blinds we can provide different slat widths including 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 63mm slats. Selecting your blinds is therefore a very simple process:

  • Pick the slat size of your choice

  • Next you choose the shade of colour to suit the room you want to decorate from walnut, sycamore or beech

  • We take measurements for all the windows your need dressed and you are ready for the perfect room finish

For your free home visit and help in choosing the right timber venetian guide to suit your windows, give us a call today. We operate from our base in Sutherland Shire and St George areas so we are able to offer speedy and reliable service. Our home measuring & blind consultation is complimentary and we aim to provide the best service in terms of price and quick installation. Bring the natural colours of the outdoors into your home with wooden venetian blinds.